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Åberg Trio

Åberg Trio is a Stockholm-based jazz group led by the pianist and composer Isak Åberg. This ensemble plays melodic and approachable music with a lot of improvisation, designed to reach a broader audience than just the experienced jazz crowd.


Throughout his life, Isak has played a variety of instruments and musical styles, and today he works professionally in many different genres. He has toured with Swedish pop artists, performed in churches, appeared at major jazz clubs in Sweden such as "Nefertiti" and "Fasching," and played funk in concert halls across Europe.


Isak's versatile skills and curiosity for various genres make his music stand out. Drawing influences from pop, Swedish folk music, and hymns, his trio creates an authentic and melodious sound that appeals to both young and old alike. Listen for yourself!


Isak Åberg - Piano

Olle Lannér Risenfors - Double Bass

Richard Andersson Rasheed - Drum Set

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