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Nabo is a modern Nordic jazz trio that delivers high-quality jazz with nerve and presence. The trio was formed by Danish Drummer Hans Kristian Knold, Swedish Bassist Amanda Karström and German Pianist Johann Fritsche in Stockholm 2022. Since then they have developed their own unique sound and recorded a number of their original compositions that reflect their personal stories and musical visions. The Band is excited to release their Debut Album “Nabo” soon.

Nabo is inspired by both the Nordic melancholy and minimalism, which they explore through an organic and dynamic interplay. Parts of the compositions are inspired by Scandinavian traditional music and build a bridge between past and present.

Nabo has a special sense for nature and landscape, which they convey through their music. They use sound effects, moods and colors to paint pictures of Nordic sceneries, such as snow-covered mountains, stormy seas and green forests. Nabo is an international band with a Nordic heart, that both challenges, involves, moves and invites the audience into their musical universe.

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