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Emmalisa Hallander

"Emmalisa Hallander is yet another new Swedish jazz singer and composer who debuts at almost the highest level. Yes, what ability and personality she already shows on her record debut with the mini-album Have a look inside. Eight songs, all but half are her own. All but two have English subtitles. She is also a good composer with catchy tunes". - Lira Music Magazine 26/5-2023 


Emmalisa Hallander is the hottest name on the Stockholm jazz scene right now, and it won't be long before the rest of Sweden discovers the magic of this talented jazz singer. In March 2023, her debut album "Have a Look Inside" was released on Varva Records and Music (digital/CD), with her own band and guest musician Fredrik Ljungqvist.

In June 2022, she sang with Peter Asplund and Jacob Christoffersen at the Glenn Miller Café, and in December she toured with Asplund as a soloist in "The Christmas Feeling", following in the footsteps of Isabella Lundgren, and sang alongside Vivian Buczek and Linda Pettersson around the country. Hallander's collaboration with Asplund continues. Among other things, they inaugurated Folk och Kultur in Eskilstuna (8/2-23) together with Elise Einarsdotter, where the Minister of Culture was present and praised the performance.

During the Stockholm Jazz Festival 2022, she participated in the Music Alliance's "Showcase" for young jazz talents at Fasching and performed with the star-studded band; Martin Sjöstedt, Carl Bagge, Cornelia Nilsson, and Karl-Martin Almqvist. Patrik Lindgren, the editor-in-chief of Lira music magazine, was present and listed the singer's debut album in the article "Ten Albums to Look Forward to in 2023," with the justification: "I became aware of jazz vocalist Emmalisa Hallander at a showcase for up-and-coming jazz musicians last fall - and, well, you know, when you immediately realize that someone has it...".

Have a Look Inside was released March 24 on Varva Records and Music (digital/CD). The album consists of six songs written by the singer herself and a cover of Per Texas Johansson and Rebecka Törnqvist's ballad 'Miljarder Stjärnor', with a new, Swedish text by Hallander. In the music, clear influences of 'American songbook' classics, Burt Bacharach and Lennon/McCartney's song tax can be heard. The Swedish and English lyrics touch on themes related to the process of growing up, such as self-doubt, love, hopelessness and the search for inner peace. Recorded in one day with a live set-up in the studio at KMH, these emotions were carefully portrayed by Emmalisa Hallander and her band; Nina Sand (grand piano), Anton Brodin (electric guitar), Anton Berndts (double bass), Filip Öhman (drums) and guest artist Fredrik Ljungqvist (tenor saxophone and clarinet).

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