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A feverish voice trembling with urgency. Three instruments that tightrope-walk between virtuosity and dissolution. 


Since 2022, Mumriq have been seen on stages across Scandinavia, where they have built up a distinctive world of sound and strange poetry. Mumriq's latest EP is a presentation of their dynamic range where, in the spirit of Nick Cave and Captain Beefheart, they explore jazz's encounter with alternative rock, free jazz, and art music. Through these three songs, the listener is embraced by the intimate warmth and loneliness of being human, driven by composer Klara Ahlersten's broken (angelic) voice.


Mumriq are a recipient of the Swedish Performing Rights Society (STIM) award, and have played at such festivals as Copenhagen Jazz Festival and Ääniä Festival.


Klara Ahlersten - voice and compositions

Antti Lähdesmäki - piano

Jonas Nilsson - double bass

Manfred Josefsson - drums

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