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Avbytarbänken is a band that embodies the spirit of a collective. A guitar trio with a flexible and dynamic sound in which all members share an equal responsibility to move the music forwards, backwards, inwards and outwards.  


With an intuitive interplay, the three musicians create sounds and melodies that lingers both on the most playful moments in life as well as the more serious and heartfelt.


Avbytarbänken met in the south of Sweden and started playing in 2019 and soon thereafter the band was formed. 

They have played on stages around Sweden and are currently in the process of releasing an EP in June of 2023 as well as their debut full length album in October of 2023 which they recorded in the famous studio Rixmixningsverket. 

In conjunction with the release of their album, Avbytarbänken will depart on a tour through Sweden.

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