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"This is the first time I hear Mappe3. And immediately, I feel at home; it's a happy musical space they create, blown by winds from the golden age of jazz (...). It feels authoritative, full-bodied, full of joy in the playing."


- Thomas Millroth - JAZZ/Orkesterjournalen NR 6 - 2022.

THE MOST LIVELY RECORDS OF THE YEAR - The albums that made the Lira year 2022:

"A record that just appears out of nowhere and pours out, highly idiosyncratic and fearless, like the most obvious thing in the world."

Mappe3's artistic vision is to be free within defined frameworks and forms. To be in sync and comfortable with each other to such an extent that one can stretch boundaries, and as a collective, we feel free to explore the idea and impulse that arises in the moment. Giving artistic freedom and space to the musicians to express their voice is in focus. With a passion, joy, and enthusiasm for life, Mappe3 puts tones on thoughts about life as an artist, partner, parent, and what it means to be human in our time.

Mappe3 was granted Swedish Fonogramstöd by the Swedish art council for the album Mappe3 + jazz = <3 

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