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Daniel Anderssons Hårt Arbetande Kvartett

Daniel Anderssons Hårt Arbetande Kvartett sure is a quartet that works hard. Their musical styles branch in various directions such as metal, jazz, and samba, but is held together by the four musicians' distinct playing styles and improvisations. Daniel Andersson writes the music and has well-documented difficulty finding a distinct genre or artist to draw inspiration from. The album can be reminiscent of Sungazer, EST, or The Bad Plus as well as modern pop and Trummor och Orgel.


Apart from the hard-working quartet, Daniel Andersson can be seen in bands such as Sara Aldén Trio, Emil Ernebro, Ingi Bjarni Quintet, PAD Trio, Andersson Runevad Duo, and more.


The quartet's first album, Head Bopper, was released under the band name SUPERHEAVY on Norwegian AMP Records and received great reviews. Jazz Journal UK summarizes it as follows: "Bassist leads piano, guitar and drums in a high-octane mix of post-Weather Report jazz, rock and improvisation - plus some lyrical leavening."


A new album has been recorded and will be released in 2023.

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